Customizable Blackout Roller Shade

  • Blackout Standard Roller Shades in Dark Grey
  • Side view of Blackout roller shades in window, dark grey color
  • Dark Grey cordless blackout shades by Linen Avenue
  • Cordless Blackout roller shades extend 2.5" from wall when installed outside mount
  • Blackout roller shades have white backing to fave street view to meet HOA requirements
  • Install mount brackets for Linen Avenue roller shades

Customizable Blackout Roller Shade

Customizable Blackout Roller Shades are the perfect solution to get privacy and a sleek, modern look. Available in Outside or Inside Mount, 4 different colors, or more opacity options.

Product Description

  • Select a more precise size with our custom sizes. Sizes range from 18″ to 72″ wide in every 1/8″ and come in heights from 36″ to 78″ long. For help selecting the right fit, see “How to Measure” below.
  • Available in these 4 colors:
Customizable Blackout roller shade color swatches
  • Smooth CORDLESS operation is child and pet safe.
  • Properly measure your window before placing your order. If you would like to install the shade INSIDE of the window frame, measure horizontally, at the top of your window sill. Using the measurement, round down to the closest whole number. Your shade will arrive with an 1/4″ deduction, to ensure a perfect fit. If you would like to install inside of the window frame, your window sill must be at least 1″ deep.
  • If you would like to install your shade OUTSIDE of the window sill, measure in the same place. Using the measurement, we recommend adding 4 to 5 inches to the width and length, to ensure full coverage. Your shade will arrive with an 1/4″ deduction.
  • All Required Hardware is Included: End caps, simple snap-in top mount brackets (that fit for both inside mount and outside mount applications), and mounting hardware.
  • These shades are easy to install yourself.

Product Details

This durable blackout material is made of 100% polyester. It completely blocks light with a privacy level of 5 of 5.

Smooth, cordless operation is easy to use. Simply pull to raise or lower the shade. Lift speed can be easily adjusted.

Each Blackout Roller Shade has white backing from street view to satisfy HOA requirements.

Inside Mount vs. Outside Mount

Standard Roller Shades can easily be mounted inside or outside your window frame. When mounted outside, its ultra slim design extends 2.5″ from the wall. Add 3″ to width and height.

For inside mount, Standard Roller Shades only require a 1″ window depth. Round down to the closest whole number. will arrive 1/4″ narrower to ensure fit.

Standard Roller Collection

Linen Avenue Standard Roller shades in Shadow

Linen Avenue’s Standard Roller collection offers various opacity options, mounting styles, and fabric colors. Control levels of privacy from room to room without compromising on style.

How to Measure

Find your perfect shade size by following these easy measuring instructions. Instructions are different for each mount style, so decide on your mount style before measuring and ordering.

How to Install

Installing your Standard Roller Shades is simple and easy to do yourself. These instructions walk you through installation for outside mount and inside mount.