Cordless Faux Wood Blinds

  • Outside Mount Faux Wood Blinds are pet and kid safe
  • Linen Avenue cordless faux wood blinds in flush inside mount, partial inside mount, and outside mount
  • Brackets for Faux Wood Blinds

Cordless Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds give the look of real wood with maximum durability, these cordless blinds are both beautiful and practical. This unique design can be operated with a simple touch and are safe for homes with kids and pets.

Product Description

  • Sizes range from 20″ W x 36″ H to 72″ W x 72″ H, with widths in every half inch. Custom sizes are available here.
  • Choose from Outside Mount, Partial Inside Mount, and Flush Inside Mount. (See photo gallery for details)
  • Includes an upgraded color coordinated valance, end box brackets and wand control.
  • Child Safe – no pull cords, easy to operate by hand.
  • To measure – Measure your window horizontally in three places: top, middle, and bottom. Order the smallest measurement. DO NOT take any deductions, the size you order will come with a 1/2-inch deduction to ensure it fits in your windowsill properly. (For Example, if your smallest measurement is 36 1/2″, you must order a 36 1/2″. Your blind will arrive to you exactly 36″ wide).
  • For Partial Inside Mount, the window frame needs to be at least 2 inches deep to install. Please be sure to measure each window correctly and twice for accuracy.
  • For custom sizes, order here.

Product Details

Linen Avenue Faux Wood blinds installed Partial Inside Mount above a couch living room

Perfect for Any Interior Design

Linen Avenue’s Faux Wood Blinds are pure white and come with a matching decorative valance. Whether your home is designed as a modern farmhouse, contemporary, or minimalistic, our sleek features will fit perfectly with your unique style.

Linen Avenue Faux Wood blinds are open and looking into green garden. Faux Wood blinds against green brick wall.

User Friendly

The Cordless feature allows you to pull up and down effortlessly and with no exposed cords, it’s safe for children and pets. The included wand controls the amount of light and privacy in your home.

Mounting bracket for Faux Wood blinds

All Hardware is Included

Each order comes with everything needed to install your new blinds. Including: 1 blind, 1 wand, 1 valance, 2 valance returns, 4 valance connectors, valance clips, mounting brackets, center brackets, 2 hold down brackets, 4 medium screws, 4-10 mounting screws (depending on the width of your blind).

Close up view of Faux Wood blind slats


100% PVC Material

  • Warp Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Hardwood look

2″ Slats

Adjust the amount of light that passes into your home, whether you want full visibility on a beautiful day, or total privacy in the evening.

Mounting Styles

Flush Inside Mount Linen Avenue Faux Wood Blinds

Flush Inside Mount

Blinds fit inside the window. Valance fits in. the window and does not extend past the wall.

Partial Inside Mount Linen Avenue Faux Wood Blinds

Partial Inside Mount

Blinds are installed inside the window. Decorative valance extends 1 1/4″ from the wall.

Outside Mount Linen Avenue Faux Wood Blinds

Outside Mount

Blinds are hung outside the window and extend past window edges. Valance extends 3 3/4″ from the wall.

How to Measure

Find your perfect blind size by following these easy measuring instructions. Instructions are different for each mount style, so decide on your mount style before measuring and ordering.

How to Install

Installing your Faux Wood Blinds is simple and easy to do yourself. These instructions walk you through installation for outside mount, inside mount, and partial inside mount.