Cordless Cassette 5% Solar Roller Shade

Cordless Cassette 5% Solar Roller Shade

The Cassette 5% Solar Roller Shade is the perfect solution for privacy while obtaining a sleek, modern look. This shade is available in Outside or Inside Mount, 6 different colors, and comes with a modern headrail.

Product Description

  • Sizes range from 18″ to 72″ wide (in every 1/2 inch increments) and come in heights of 66″ or 78″. For help selecting the right fit, see “How to Measure” below.
  • Available in these 6 colors:
  • Smooth CORDLESS operation is child and pet safe.
  • Properly measure your window before placing your order. To install the shade INSIDE of the window frame, measure horizontally at the top of your window sill. Then, round down to the closest whole number. Your shade will arrive with an 1/4″ deduction, to ensure a perfect fit. Keep in mind, your windowsill must be at least 3″ deep to fit Inside Mount.
  • To mount OUTSIDE of the window sill, measure the top of your windowsill horizontally and vertically. Then we recommend adding 4 to 5 inches to both the width and length, to ensure full coverage. Your shade will arrive with an 1/4″ deduction.
  • All required hardware is included: End caps, simple snap-in top mount brackets (that fit for both inside mount and outside mount applications), and mounting hardware.
  • The shade includes an upgraded color coordinated cassette valance that has a 3″ projection.
  • These shades are easy to install yourself.

Product Details

Sleek Color Matching Valance

The 5% roller shade’s valance measures 3″ deep. So when installed Outside Mount, the shade will have a 3 inch projection from the wall. If installed Inside Mount

Measure Your Window for Perfectly Fitted Shades

Inside Mount: Measure the inside of your window frame, your shade will arrive with a 1/4 inch deduction in the width.

Outside Mount: We recommend that you add 3 inches to the opening measurement on each side and the top of your window to allow for full coverage. Your shade will arrive in the exact size you ordered.

Whether ordering inside or outside mount, please measure your window horizontally at the top.

Comparison of 5% and 1% Fabric

Comparing Cassette 1% and 5% at night

5% vs. 1%

Enjoy the power to control the privacy and light in your home from room to room. 5% fabric has a privacy factor of 2.5 out of 5, allowing for light to pass and a great option for common areas such as the kitchen and living room. 1% fabric has a 4 out of 5 privacy factor, perfect for bedrooms and home theaters.

How to Measure

Find your perfect shade size by following these easy measuring instructions. Instructions are different for each mount style, so decide on your mount style before measuring and ordering.

How to Install

Installing your Cassette Roller Shades is simple and easy to do yourself. These instructions walk you through installation for outside mount and inside mount. View PDF Instructions here.