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Inside Mount vs. Outside Mount

At Linen Avenue, our blinds and shades are custom made to fit any window size. You can choose from various styles, custom sizes, opacities, and on some products, different colors and decorative valances. To further customize your blinds, you can choose to install your blinds in Inside or Outside Mount. 

Inside and Outside Mount refer to the placement of the shade on your window. Both are measured differently, so it’s important to plan ahead and choose your mount style before ordering your blinds or shades.

Inside Mount

Inside Mount shades are hung from the roof of the window frame and fit perfectly inside the window. Inside Mount is a great choice for:

  • Achieving a modern look with clean, crisp lines.
  • Deep set windows. Most Inside Mount shades require at least two inches of space to fit properly. Deep set windows will allow plenty of space to fit this mount.
  • Renters. Because Inside Mount brackets are drilled on the roof of the window frame, the holes won’t be seen and are easy to patch if you remove them later.
  • Hanging curtains around the window, so the shades won’t be in the way when you open or close the curtains.

Keep in mind, your window frame must be at least two inches deep if you choose Inside Mount. Two inches will give enough space to properly fit the headrail of the blinds or shade. Standard Roller Shades only require one inch of space, which is a great option for shallow window frames. 

Make sure to measure correctly when ordering Inside Mount shades, so you order your window’s perfect fit. Detailed measuring instructions are on each product page. 

Outside Mount

Outside Mount shades are installed outside the window frame, with the brackets mounted on the wall space above the window. These shades project a few inches out from the wall and extend past the vertical edges of the window. Outside Mount is ideal for:

  • Installing blinds or shades on doors. 
  • Rooms you wish to make completely dark or using Blackout Shades. Since Outside mount completely covers the edges of the window frame, less light will come in. 
  • Shades with a decorative valance. You’ll be able to better see a decorative valance when mounted outside the window.
  • Shallow windows that won’t fit the shade/blinds. If your window frame is less than 2” deep, Outside Mount is a great option.
  • Windows with handles or obstructions that will get in the way when you pull the shade down.
  • Making your windows look bigger. Outside Mount expands the borders of your frame and give the illusion of larger windows.

Faux Wood Blinds

Linen Avenue Faux Wood blinds come in 3 mounting styles – Outside Mount, Partial Inside Mount, and Flush Inside Mount. 

Outside Mount is installed outside the window and projects 3 ¾” from the wall. Flush Inside Mount is installed inside the window and the valance is flush with the wall. Partial Inside Mount is a mix between Inside and Outside Mount – the body of the blinds are installed inside the window, while the valance extends outside the frame. 

These three options give more customization when choosing the perfect blinds to fit your home.